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Posted on 05/10/18 Our work in Brazil


In a few weeks’ time I will be travelling across the Atlantic Ocean to São Paulo, Brazil on a research and scoping visit representing Advantage Creative and Junction Arts as part of five selected organisations in receipt of the British Council's Developing Inclusive and Creative Economies (DICE) Collaboration Grants.

The grants have been awarded to develop partnerships and deliver interventions to strengthen creative and social enterprises in 5 different countries : Egypt, South Africa, Indonesia, Pakistan and Brazil. The focus of these interventions will be on strengthening enterprises that empower women and girls, foster youth employment and empower disabled people and other marginalised groups. The work is intended to bring about a lasting positive result in the social and creative enterprise ecosystem in each DICE country.


This will be my third trip to Brazil and will build onan existing relationship with organizations  AdeSampa and Cingulado who I met during work for the Made in Sampa project (see a video about the project below) and knowledge exchange workshop for creative hub leaders I co-delivered with another director on behalf of The Generator CIC, a developing creative community space in Loughborough. 

For the DICE project, Advantage Creative and Junction Arts aim to bring together their diverse experiences and work to create a new programme of support for creative entrepreneurs that experience marginalisation and a lack of investment due to rural isolation and little formal education.

Whilst in Brazil, I will work with Cingulado to create a video recording some of the meetings we will have with organisations there as we start to co-design and co-develop this new project and begin the process of identifying and addressing barriers to the survival of creative enterprises. 

Over the ten days I will be recording my own daily blog and then will bring back all the research and findings to the UK to see where we can share and learn from best practice and begin to shape a meaningful exchange with our friends in Brazil. 


Click here to see a video made by Cingulado about the Made in Sampa project.


Written by Catherine Rogers

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