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Design, product and manufacturing process; bringing products to market; identifying and accessing new markets; promotion, trade shows & social media; IPR advice; accessing funding. Business development; identifying USP’s, setting targets, developing a business plan, how to grow, brand awareness.


Denise is qualified at a Masters level in Ceramic Industrial design and runs her own Ceramic & Design company. Denise has sat on the panel for the Princess Trust to support start-up businesses.


Denise O’Sullivan is a British designer and MD she has over 10 years, experience in the creative industries sector and managing her own ceramic company Denise O’Sullivan Ceramics & Design Ltd. Where she designs, crafts and manufactures her own ceramic ranges. Denise O’Sullivan also offers an in house design and manufacturing consultancy for clients. Clients include Virgin trains, Stoke-on-Trent City Council and The Lighthouse Surrey (Damien Hirst exhibition).

Denise started her business with a loan granted by the Princess Trust where she had support to write a business plan and attended workshops with Business Initiative and the Chamber of Commerce.  Later Denise went on to be a panel member and support start-up businesses in Stoke-on-Trent.

Denise’s work has been diverse over the years and she has been involved in organising and managing pop up shops, events and festivals. Denise thrives from sharing her knowledge and regularly attends networking events, conducts workshops and is qualified in FE teaching.

Denise is heavily involved in the business network and has visited trade shows and cities with the support from the UKTI where she had face to face meetings, researched the market and exhibited her work to promote her brand in Tokyo, Paris, Chicago and Amsterdam. The experience helped Denise to understand her target market, since these missions Denise has change her company brand values and products that has seen a 60% increase in sales and brand awareness.


Ceramic development group, Anti Copying In Design, Design Gap, The Crafts Council and UKTI.

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