Warwick Music Group is the inspiring, innovative and dynamic company that is responsible for the world’s first plastic trombone (pBone), the award-winning all-plastic trumpet (pTrumpet) and most recently, a totally new instrument designed to encourage would-be musicians everywhere: pBuzz. Advantage Creative Fund has been supportive of Warwick Music Group from the early days investing particularly in product development.


Advantage Creative has always been supportive including making a key introduction to us which massively improved our ability to manage the manufacture of pBone. It is great to have an investor that is so supportive, takes a real pride in us as well as practical interest and recognises that creativity also needs finance.

— Steven Greenall, CEO, Warwick Music Group

The growth of the business has been quite remarkable. It started as a niche supplier of brass music – which remains an important part of the company – but it rose to worldwide fame with its development and introduction of the first ever plastic trombone that has subsequently become the world’s best-selling trombone, ever. pBone has taken the world by storm.

Children, music teachers and brass enthusiasts love it because it’s lightweight, colourful, fun and durable. pBone has been acclaimed by many musicians including official endorsement by International jazz trombone legend Jiggs Whigham. pBone was followed shortly after by pBone mini designed specifically for younger players. Then came pTrumpet: the world’s first all-plastic trumpet that has again attracted rave reviews and awards. Warwick Music Group’s most recent addition is a totally new musical instrument: pBuzz. More eye-catching than a recorder, lighter than a drum and easier to play than a xylophone, pBuzz is designed to make for a magical, musical playtime. Simple and easy to play, pBuzz provides the perfect introduction to music for early learners. pBone, pBone mini, pTrumpet and pBuzz have all proved popular in schools and with music teachers.



pBone is an inspirational trigger to learning. It is almost impossible for a musician, or prospective musician, to dismiss the urge to pick one up and have a ‘toot’. Combine this desirability to its obvious robust characteristics and pBone makes a strong case for securing its role as the ideal tool for whole class tuition.— Andy Culshar, Sandwell Music and Arts Service


This belief has also extended to all the other instruments in the range.


It’s the perfect starter instrument for encouraging young musicians.” And another: ”An easy way to start kids off playing brass instruments – a rival for the recorder as a beginning instrument. It is: “enormous fun with a high level of engagement for younger students.


Warwick Music Group has secured distribution deals in the UK, Europe and worldwide including with Conn-Selmer Inc. – a subsidiary of Steinway Musical Instruments As to what is next, new innovations are in the pipeline.


Quite simply, we want the musicians of the future to start their journey with us.

Accolades for their work and achievements include them being declared Nectar Small Business of the Year for Innovation; Birmingham Post SME of the Year; ‘Future champion’ at The National Business Awards and ‘Midlands Innovation of the Year’ in the Midlands Business Awards. Most recently,

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pTrumpet was judged ‘best music education product’ in the 2016 Music Teacher Awards for Excellence – as well as being judged best in the ‘Gotta Stock It’ category at the world’s biggest music trade show – NAMM 2016 in Anaheim, California.

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- Andy Culshar, Sandwell Music and Arts Service