Warwick Music Group

Warwick Music Group is the inspiring, innovative and dynamic company that is responsible for the world’s first plastic trombone (pBone), the award-winning all-plastic trumpet (pTrumpet) and a whole range of quality wind and brass instruments that make the joy of music accessible and fun.

We first invested in Warwick Music in 2004 to help the founder, Steven Greenall, develop this growing music publishing company.

Steven introduced us to Hugh Rashleigh, who had developed the plastic trombone concept as an engineering student at Loughborough University. Our first investment enabled Hugh to develop the first working prototype of this new instrument.

After the initial “proof of concept” funding, we invested a further round of Angel funding to fund the first stages of commercial production.

At this stage it became clear that the team had a missing link in their value chain, and they really needed some expertise in setting up the manufacturing and quality control processes.

We introduced the team to our contacts at IM Group who were experts in this field, and who helped them find and manage suitable production partners.

“Advantage Creative has always been supportive including making a key introduction to us which massively improved our ability to manage the manufacture of pBone. It is great to have an investor that is so supportive, takes a real pride in us as well as practical interest and recognises that creativity also needs finance.”

– Steven Greenall, CEO, Warwick Music Group

Over the following years, Warwick Music Group grew its range of plastic instruments and grew its turnover into the millions by distributing all over the world.

As investors in the company, we supported the company through several funding rounds to help the company fund essential R&D, tooling, production and marketing costs in the early stages of growth.

We also supported Warwick Music Group in researching alternative ways to help them finance their R&D – in which they have invested around £1m so far.

We advised the company on R&D tax credits and R&D grants available from government bodies and also through R&D partnerships with Universities, and we helped them secure several grants.