The Advantage Creative Fund was set up in 2003 as one of the first venture capital funds dedicated to investing in the creative industries.

Our investment of £5.4m in creative industries companies levered a further £5.9m of private investment and helped stimulate a much healthier investment ecology for the creative industries.

We now focus on supporting creative entrepreneurs through the early stages of building their business.

investment services

We help business owners secure the finance they are looking for.

We work with creative business founders and owners to help them develop growth and investment strategies for their companies.

We use our expertise to support companies in preparing and pitching for investment. ​

We help companies identify, approach and close deals with appropriate investors, using our experience in Angel funding and our extensive network of investors.

founding principles

Advantage Creative was founded to stimulate investment in the creative industries.

The creative industries are a significant growth sector in the UK, but have tended to face significant barriers to accessing finance to support the growth of their business.

Investors have lacked the expertise to fully understand investment opportunities. Creative businesses have lacked the skills to effectively pitch to investors.

Advantage Creative Fund

The Advantage Creative Fund was founded in 2003, financed by grants from Arts Council England, Advantage West Midlands and ERDF, to help address these issues.

Since this time, we have invested over £5.4m across 81 investments into 55 companies. We currently provide ongoing business support to a number of these investee businesses, some of which are included in our case studies.

The Advantage Creative Fund is an evergreen fund – returns on investment are re-invested in the promotion and development of the creative industries in the UK.

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